Welcome to the CloudLaunch developer documentation

CloudLaunch is a ReSTful, extensible Django app for discovering and launching applications on cloud, container, or local infrastructure. A live version is available at https://launch.usegalaxy.org/.

CloudLaunch can be extended with your own plug-ins which can provide custom launch logic for arbitrary custom applications. Visit the live site to see currently available applications in the Catalog. CloudLaunch is also tightly integrated with CloudBridge, which makes CloudLaunch natively multi-cloud.

CloudLaunch has a web and commandline front-end. The Web UI is maintained in the CloudLaunch-UI repository. The commandline client is maintained in the cloudlaunch-cli repository.


The recommended method for installing CloudLaunch is via the CloudLaunch Helm chart.

To install a development version, take a look at development installation page.

Application Configuration

Once the application components are installed and running (regardless of the method utilized), it is necessary to load appliance and cloud provider connection properties. See this page for how to do this.

Authentication Configuration

User authentication to CloudLaunch should be managed via social auth. For development purposes, it is possible to use Django authentication in which case simply creating a superuser is sufficient. If you intend on having users of your CloudLaunch installation, you will want to configure social auth.