Configure CloudLaunch with data

Once running, it is necessary to load the CloudLaunch database with information about the appliances available for launching as well as cloud providers where those appliances can be launched.

The following commands show how to load the information that is available on the hosted CloudLaunch server available at It is recommended to load those values and then edit them to fit your needs.

Loading clouds

Appliances define properties required to properly launch an application on a cloud provider. Run the following commands from the CloudLaunch server repository with the suitable Conda environment activated.

cd django-cloudlaunch
curl --output clouds.json
python loaddata clouds.json

If we start the CloudLaunch server now and navigate to the admin console, DJCLOUDBRIDGE -> Clouds, we can see a list of cloud providers that have been loaded and CloudLaunch can target.

If you would like to add a new cloud provider to be included in either the hosted service or for distribution, please issue a pull request with the necessary connection properties to

Loading appliances

Rather than loading application-specific information by hand, we can load apps from an application registry in bulk. At the moment, this action needs to be performed from the CloudLaunch admin console.

On the CloudLaunch admin console, head to the CloudLaunch -> Applications page and click Add application button in the top right corner. Provide an arbitrary name, say placeholder, for the application name and click save. Any information provided for this application will get overwritten with the information from the application registry. Back on the page listing applications, select the checkbox next to the newly created application and then from the Action menu, select Import app data from url. Click Update on the next page to load the default set of applications and your installation of CloudLaunch will have loaded all currently available apps.