This section provides a quick overview of the various CloudLaunch pages.


Use the catalog to search through the available appliances. A virtual appliance is a virtual machine that packages a ready-to-run application(s), eliminating the need to install and configure complex stacks of software. (e.g. Galaxy, Genomics Virtual Lab, SLURM).

Public Appliances

Public Appliances are appliances which have been made publicly available by an organization or individual. Although these applications are publicly available, they may require registration or impose usage quotas. You can contact us if you would like to list an applainces as public.

My Appliances

My Appliances lists all currently actie appliances. You can use this page to monitor the state of an appliances or to delete an appliance. You can also archive an appliance, in which case it will be moved to the Launch History page.

User Profile

Use this section to manage your user profile. You can use this page to save or edit credentials for various clouds.