Installing a production server

Upgrading running chart

1. Fetch latest chart version through helm repo update

  1. Docker pull the latest image
sudo docker pull cloudve/cloudlaunch-server:latest
sudo docker pull cloudve/cloudlaunch-ui:latest
  1. Upgrade then helm chart
helm upgrade --reuse-values <chart_name> galaxyproject/cloudlaunch

Reinstalling chart from scratch

0. Note down the existing secrets for fernet keys, secret keys, db password etc. through kubernetes in the cloudlaunch namespace. Dashboard access link:!/login

To obtain login token:

kubectl -n kube-system describe secret $(kubectl -n kube-system get secret | grep admin-user | awk '{print $1}')
  1. helm delete <existing_chart>
  2. kubectl delete namespace cloudlaunch
  3. Optionally, delete all cached docker images using
docker images
docker rmi
  1. Delete existing persistent volume in rancher. This does not delete the local folder, so the database will survive. Recreate with following settings:
Name: cloudlaunch-database
Capacity: 30
Volume Plugin: Local Node Path
Path on the node: /opt/cloudlaunch/database
Path on node: A directory, or create
Customize -> Many nodes read write
  1. helm install galaxyproject/cloudlaunch --set cloudlaunch-server.postgresql.postgresqlPassword=<pg_password> --namespace cloudlaunch --set cloudlaunch-server.fernet_keys[0]='<replace with fernet key 1>' --set cloudlaunch-server.fernet_keys[1]='<replace with fernet key 2>' --set cloudlaunch-server.secret_key=<replace with secret key>